BEGA Ultradark Optics®

For maximum visual comfort
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Structure of BEGA Ultradark Optics®

1 Optical lenses

The gathering and transmission of the light beams of the LED modules is optimised with the help of specially developed optical lenses. In contrast to the lenses otherwise available on the market, the high construction enables very good glare control. The optical lenses are precisely matched to the louvre and the luminaire body.

2 Louvre

The glare control of the optical lenses is optimised by internal louvres for the best possible results.

3 Nano coating

The ultra-black nano-coating with its exceptional absorption capabilities perfects the function of the louvres.

4 Luminaire body

The high build-up of the luminaire bodies, together with the ultra-black nano-coating, ensures that stray light is minimised. Light rays that would produce unwanted stray light are absorbed for targeted illumination of defined areas.

Homogenising diffuser lenses prevent unwanted effects such as light tearing edges.

Left: Conventional black coating, right: Ultra-black nano-coating.

Luminaires with BEGA Ultradark Optics®