Charging unit for a light pole

for retrofitting

A charging unit for electric vehicles for retrofitting to light poles. This addition does not affect the statics of the lighting system and does not require any further testing. Only the power supply and the electrical fuse protection must be ensured.

The use of post-top luminaires with charging units for electric vehicles combines the planning of lighting elements with the mobility of the future. The integration of the retrofittable charging units into existing lighting infrastructure develops a comprehensive supply network for electric vehicles.

The lighting column and charging unit form an attractive and robust unit.

BEGA charging units come fully equipped with all the necessary technical components for public and semi-private spaces: In the public sphere, these charging units can be operated with a payment terminal ( 71308 or 71309) that can be ordered separately. For use in commercial spaces like hotels or companies, charging authorisation is provided via relevant activation cards.

Technical data

Protection class IP 54

Maximum charging power 22 kW For any electric vehicle with IEC 62196 Type 2 plug

Compliant with calibration regulations

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