Safety-related lighting

Safety meets aesthetics

High-tech illumination for use in impressive high-tech environments

The particular effect of an impressive environment requires optimally integrated illumination. Along with consistently reliable light quality, BEGA lighting solutions offer extraordinary scenic power. In addition to finely detailed work, for example in laboratories or production lines, the luminaires also draw attention to noteworthy architecture.

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The world's largest bicycle parking garage in Utrecht is becoming a superlative attraction as a bright complex.

High-quality components of optical systems set the stage for illumination. The perfect interaction of our LED modules manufactured in-house with precisely calculated and refined reflectors as well as optical lenses allows us to optimise the efficiency of light deflection.

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Stuttgart shows the possible future with architectural innovations and modern lighting.

Whether reliable illumination to enhance safety for production areas or staging of surrounding architecture to attract attention: BEGA luminaires have always been designed to be structural details that integrate harmoniously and perform their function without taking centre stage.

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Safety-related lighting

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