Light + Building 2022

Messe Frankfurt · October 2-6, 2022
Hall 3.0 · Stand C91

Experience das gute Licht

Save the date: October 02 - 06, 2022

We are looking forward to finally welcoming you in person once again at our stand, which this year will be under the motto “Erlebnis Licht” (Experiencing Light).

Find out more about our many New Products 2022.

We want you to enjoy the most meaningful and comprehensive hands-on experience on our BEGA exhibition space.

We will be presenting the kind of quality you don’t just see, but can literally touch. It will be the kind of honest, down-to-Earth presentation that light planners, installers, engineers and architects are looking for.

Responsible outdoor lighting

Eco-friendly light
Ecologically efficient lighting solutions eliminate unnecessary light pollution and help maintain biospheres. BEGA offers special solutions for responsible outdoor lighting in urban and natural environments.

Luminaires with BEGA BugSaver technology can be switched from a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin to an amber toe similar to 1800 Kelvin, which will also reduce power consumption.

In an effort to reduce light pollution, we also present our new “Dark Sky” line of luminaires.

Everything you need for eco-friendly illumination

BugSaver pole-top luminaire

Track spotlights: Full flexibility

Lighting technology innovations
Impressive lighting solutions and amazing quick-change options: The full range of BEGA track spotlights offers unheard of flexibility for high-impact light staging in shops, museums, or reception areas like hotel lobbies. The luminaires with zoom optics allow the adjustment of their half beam angle to installation location requirements.

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Endless design options

Our BEGA indoor luminaires from the STUDIO LINE are design highlights – whether they are lit or not. New, highly attractive lighting solutions expand upon the already extensive portfolio. They are luminaire and light object in one – becoming impressive and memorable design highlights beyond their actual lighting function.

All solutions for even more ambience

Inconspicuous charging units for electric vehicles

BEGA luminaires with integrated charging unit for electric vehicles
The new BEGA charging units permit a full coverage deployment for electric vehicles. They come pre-installed in bollard tubes, light building elements and in luminaire poles, making them a perfect alternative to bulky charging stations that mar the cityscape and take up valuable space on commercial and private properties.

These inconspicuous charging units utilise existing infrastructures directly at the luminaire locations. BEGA charging units come fully equipped with all the necessary technical components for public and semi-private spaces.

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