New Products 2022

Das gute Licht – indoors and out

Reliable and flexible even in extreme conditions

Know-how, experience and a constant willingness to learn define our daily approach to the development of new luminaires and new product ideas for outdoors. Alongside the lighting application, human beings and the environment, we also focus on the reliability of our luminaires even under extreme atmospheric influences and temperature fluctuations. These reliable and flexible BEGA products make sustainable planning possible.

Individual light distribution: BEGA Zoom optics

BEGA downlights offer a varied portfolio of light distribution options. In addition, luminaires with adjustable light distribution now offer even more flexibility. With the new BEGA Zoom optics, we enable individually adjustable half beam angles in many product groups for specific lighting design requirements.

In-ground luminaires with minimal diffuse light percentage

Drive-over stainless steel in-ground luminaires
The quality of the luminaires’ stainless steel housings is of the highest standard, as is the overall quality of all components. In terms of lighting technology, these in-ground luminaires are characterised by an extensive range of different light characteristics.

The optical systems of the luminaires with minimised diffuse light percentage prevent glare and improve visual comfort.

For installation in round cut-outs made by the customer

For installation in ground surfaces

Twice the convenience the new downlight

Recessed and surface-mounted ceiling luminaires
The new downlights in a variety of sizes are doubly convenient. The symmetrically focused light distribution with a minimal diffuse light percentage enables targeted illumination of the areas underneath the downlight. In addition, an internal louvre with maximum light-absorbing ultra-black coating ensures highly efficient shielding.

Recessed ceiling luminaires

Ceiling luminaires

Gobo floodlights: Impactful projections

Gogo floodlights with mounting box or G ½ threaded connection
Projected logos, images or text create particularly informative and visual effects in lighting scenarios.

BEGA Gobo floodlights enable this eye-catching transmission of information. As a mount for Graphical Optical Blackout masks – Gobo masks for short – they are ideal lighting tools for presentations and highlight individually created displays both reliably and efficiently.

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Upgrade for BEGA compact floodlights

Compact floodlights
The lighting innovations of our BEGA compact floodlights minimise the diffuse light percentage for even more targeted lighting scenarios. The new black diffuse light cone optimises the glare suppression of the floodlights. Our BEGA Hybrid Optics® optical system achieves highly efficient light control to direct the light beams.

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The optimal material for underwater use

Underwater floodlights made of cast brass
Our new underwater floodlights for the illumination of ponds, water pools and water features in private and public applications are distinguished by special materials, impressive visual quality and high light outputs.

The cast brass used in these luminaires is the optimal material for long-term underwater use. The alloy is approved for drinking water and boasts a high degree of durability.

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Atmospheric light points for your private garden

Portable BEGA UniLink® garden luminaires for private use
The new upwardly shielded garden luminaires of our flexible BEGA UniLink® system create atmospheric light points in private gardens and patio areas. Specific areas, plants or flowerbeds can be atmospherically accentuated – the luminaires can be repositioned easily.

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Pole-top luminaires with no unnecessary light emissions

Pole-top luminaires · Optionally with Zhaga interface
The new pole-top luminaires are extremely versatile with their variety of outputs and light distributions. They direct their light onto the surface to be illuminated in a highly efficiently manner, avoid lighting up the night sky and are the ideal solution for use in squares, roads, paths, parks or pedestrian areas.

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Colour temperature regulation for insect protection

BugSaver pole-top luminaires
The new BEGA BugSaver pole-top luminaires combine reliable and flexible light outputs with special environmental protection. Depending on the time of use, the colour temperature of the luminaires can be controlled between 3000 and 1800 Kelvin to further reduce the luminaire’s attractive effect as protection for animals at night. At the same time, safety is guaranteed in the immediate vicinity thanks to constant illumination.

Pole-top luminaires 85 032

Pole-top luminaires 85 034

The traditional lantern reimagined

Wall luminaires with protection class IP 65
As a luminous light source protected against weathering, particularly on houses, entrances and walkways, lanterns have a long tradition dating back to the Middle Ages that has developed into an unparalleled variety of forms over time. These newly designed luminaires take one of the most common lantern forms and lend it a particularly attractive alternative interpretation. The luminaires are equipped with the latest lighting technology and feature a high protection class. As a result, they are suitable for a nearly endless variety of applications.

Wall luminaires · Type A

Wall luminaires · Type B