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BEGA UniLink® Play system components

BEGA UniLink® continues to grow: BEGA UniLink® Play makes it child's play to implement your smart garden lighting. The BEGA UniLink® system is being expanded to include small-format luminaires with a reduced design that takes a back seat to the individual lighting design of your garden. A minimalist path luminaire provides dimmed lighting in your garden. The combination of safe operating voltage of 48 volts and waterproof connectors allows even more flexibility in garden design through long cable lengths.

BEGA UniLink® Play is also extremely flexible in terms of control: with integration into the BEGA Smart System, all control options are open to you, regardless of whether operation via app or remote control is desired or complete automation together with other luminaires and sensors is the goal. Integrate the Smart Link anywhere in the BEGA UniLink® Play system and all subsequent luminaires can be controlled together. Several Smart Links can be combined to make the entire garden smartly controllable with only one supply line.

Without the optional smart control modules, the lighting - like the existing BEGA UniLink® luminaires - can still be controlled classically by light switch or timer.

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BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

Technical data

Protection class IP 67 Input: 200-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz - BEGA UniLink® connector Output: 48 V DC - BEGA UniLink® Play connector

Output power 100 W Power consumption in standby < 0.5 W

Housing made of plastic (polyamide)

Please note: A BEGA UniLink® mains plug is required for the mains connection of the BEGA UniLink® Play power pack. Mains plugs must be ordered separately as supplementary parts.

Distributor with two BEGA UniLink® Play sockets and plugs Housing made of plastic (polycarbonate)

Protection class IP 67

Distributor with five BEGA UniLink® Play sockets and plugs Housing made of plastic (polycarbonate)

Protection class IP 67

BEGA UniLink® Play socket and plug

Protection class IP 67

For integration of BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires into a BEGA Smart System. All subsequent connected BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires can be controlled together.

Protection class IP 67

Housing made of plastic (polycarbonate)

BEGA UniLink® Play

BEGA UniLink® Play includes small-format luminaires that stay in the background with their streamlined design and highlight the individual light staging of your garden.

The combination of secure operating voltage with 48 volts and watertight plug connectors enables even more flexibility in garden design with long cable lengths.

The BEGA Smart Link integrates the garden floodlights into the BEGA Smart world – it can be installed easily between any UniLink® Play components: from that point on, all downstream luminaires in the lighting network are controllable via BEGA Smart .

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