Our luminaires...

have won various national and international awards for good product design over the past decades. Our products and our brand are often mentioned in connection with an unmistakable brand identity. We believe that this results from our dedication to producing luminaires which meet the highest requirements in terms of lighting technology, workmanship, quality of use, durability and aesthetics. As the past has shown, this dedication has given rise to many successful products that have become classics of their day and models for the entire luminaire industry. Numerous awards pay tribute to our work and accompany our company’s history.


  • 1952 · Foire Internationale de Luxembourg »Medaille d‘Or«

    All key products were displayed at the first non-German trade fair which BEGA attended as an exhibitor. They attracted great attention. BEGA luminaires received a gold medal - the highest commendation for the achievements of the still young company.

  • 1968 · Industrial Design USA

    An exhibition of special designs, organised by the US Department of State and held in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Vienna. Among other things it displayed the BEGA luminaire 9669, which was manufactured in San Francisco albeit under licence as a German design.

  • 1968 · Scandinavia Lighting Fair Gothenburg

    The Scandinavian Lighting Fair included the » Light Garden 68 « as an ideas show, with six BEGA garden luminaires among the exhibits. This exhibition was organised by the Swedish luminaire industry. It was interesting to see how BEGA was assessed in Scandinavian eyes and how our striving after a good product form was appreciated by this significant Scandinavian event.

  • 1968 · Annual competition »Graphic Design Germany«

    3. Annual competition »Graphic Design Germany«
    Association of German Graphic Designers.
    Award for the BEGA Main Catalogue 1968 / 69

  • 1975 · Samples Fair Paris 1975

    »Prix du Jury des Décideurs« BATIMAT Samples Fair Paris, Gold Medal.
    An award for industrial products incorporating special engineering and design. At this international fair, BEGA was awarded the Gold Medal for its luminaire 9025. This was the highest commendation of all the luminaires at this show. Assessment criteria: Output, function, design and formal content.

  • 1983 · Corporate Design - Industry Forum Design Hannover

    A special award was introduced for the first time at the Hannover Fair 1983: The » Corporate Design « prize marked 30 years of the Special Exhibition of Good Industry Design. From the 8000 exhibitors at the fair, an international jury selected companies in various sectors that placed special emphasis on formal quality: In their products, presentations and advertising.

  • 1989 · State Prize of the State North Rhine-Westphalia

    For the first time since 1989, the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia awarded a prize for outstanding achievements in design management. Only one company receives the prize. The laudation stated:
    » This award commends the company’s overall achievements in the conceptualisation, planning and realisation of design in all relevant areas. A design achievement that is so outstanding and successful over the long term requires a qualified management. This management covers all areas of the company. The distinctive decades-long concentration on outdoor luminaires and the focusing of all efforts on good design are the main reasons for the company’s high-profile image, its strong market position and its sustained success. «

  • 1992 · Design Prize of the State North Rhine-Westphalia

    The Design Prize of the State North Rhine-Westphalia was awarded for the third time on 5th December 1991. Economics Minister Günter Einert awarded the prize in the course of a festive event held in the Town Hall of Essen. Once again this year, the opportunity was taken to commend industrial products whose outstanding and exemplary design lends impetus to industrial development. The competition is intended to highlight the significance of design as a factor of high product quality.
    As in previous years, a BEGA luminaire was again honoured with an award. The jury decided in favour of the pole-top luminaire 8081.

    Economics Minister Günter Einert handed the State Prize 1991 to Heinrich Gantenbrink during the official ceremony. Also in the picture are Anette Jäger, Lady Mayoress of the City of Essen and Dr. Peter Zec, Managing Director of the Design Centre Essen.

  • 1994 · Federal German Prize for Product Design

    On 27th August, in the course of the Frankfurt Autumn Fair, Federal Minister Günter Rexrodt awarded the Federal Prize for Product Design to BEGA. The award was received by Heiner Gantenbrink. It is the highest design award in the Federal Republic of Germany. Exceptionally well designed serial products are commended. In 1994, the Economics Ministers and Senators of the Federal German States put forward a total of 84 products for consideration for the award. Six products of outstanding product design were ultimately awarded a prize. BEGA received the award for a new range of pole-top luminaires.

  • 1995 · Gold Medal for Advertising Motifs, Federal German Chamber of Architects in Berlin

    The competition for more advertising quality is a campaign organised by the German Chamber of Architects and the publication Deutsches Architektenblatt. Of the 270 submitted advertising motifs, four were awarded medals and seven commendations by the international jury chaired by Prof. Max Bächer, Darmstadt. This initiative was called into life in Germany for the planning and building sector as an incentive for related producers, media experts and agencies to make their target groups more receptive to products by improving the quality of advertising used. At the prize-awarding ceremony on 29th September 1995 at the German Architecture Centre in Berlin, BEGA received the highest commendation in the form of a Gold Medal from the President of the Federal German Chamber of Architects, Prof. Roland Ostertag.

  • 1996 - 2010

    1996 · » Design Innovation « Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia
    1997 · » Design Innovation « Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia
    1997 · iF Product Design Award: Best of Category
    1997 · iF Product Design Award: Top Ten
    1999 · Design Prize of the State of North Rhine - Westphalia 1999 » German Prize for Communication Design «
    1999 · Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia
    2000 · » DESIGN PLUS « light + building
    2002 · » DESIGN PLUS « light + building
    2004 · iF Product Design Award: Silver Award
    2007 · iF Product Design Award: Gold Award
    2008 · iF Product Design Award: Gold Award
    2009 · iF Product Design Award: Gold Award (twice)
    2010 · iF Product Design Award: Gold Award


So why have we stopped taking part in competitions?
For several decades we took part with enthusiasm in numerous design competitions. We feel certain that we made good headway in developing well designed industrial products. An award was always something that we looked on as an honour, and still do. Competitions which award prizes of honour and give an expert assessment of a product’s exemplariness continue to draw our attention. It is our impression, however, that today’s competitions have replaced much of this quality with arbitrariness, inducing us not to participate in them for the time being.