Merging of the brands

To better serve our market segment, we have decided to merge our brands GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG and BOOM, which until now have been presented as independent brands, under the one brand name BEGA. For our customers, this means: This optimised service results in significant time savings, not only in our advisory service but also in our order processing. As of April 2017, our guiding principle is as follows: BEGA – a powerful brand for all lighting solutions by our company.

The ranges of luminaires behind the brands BEGA, GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG und BOOM will be fully retained. However, BEGA will now be the sole contact point for all outdoor and indoor luminaires in the product range. Concentrating on the one brand BEGA will make our advisory service and order processing even more efficient. Moreover, with the BEGA product range combined in future under one roof, it will be possible for light planning and configuration to intermesh seamlessly throughout all aspects of design, technology and light characteristics. This will be possible moreover without the division into outdoor and indoor product lines customary up until now.