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About light and illumination

About light and illumination



A walk through a park: The pedestrian walkway is flanked by LED bollards, whose unshielded light illuminates the path uniformly. An arrangement of luminaires along the edge of the path with spacing of 5.5 m apart is chosen for this. The bushes and trees are illuminated from the ground.
For a homogeneous impression, large trees are illuminated with two in-ground luminaires. The colour temperature of the light is 3000 K.

Luminaires used


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  • Shielded light

    The light from these luminaires is directed downwards and fully shielded above the horizontal. The highest degree of illuminance is achieved in the immediate vicinity of the luminaire. Luminaires with a high level of visual comfort for the uniform illumination of footpaths and surfaces with maximum glare suppression.

  • Flat beam light

    These luminaires distribute their light into the width of the room. The light is directed downwards and is shielded above the horizontal. For the wide beam and uniform illumination of surfaces and footpaths near the luminaires.

  • Unshielded light

    These luminaires distribute unshielded light. At the same distance, they ensure uniform illumination of ground surfaces, persons as well as architectural elements. These luminaires have a high degree of vertical illuminance.