The augmented reality app from BEGA

BEGA AR is pleased to help you assess our luminaires in your own private setting. In a virtual presentation you can place up to five different luminaires simultaneously in any positions you like: in the house, on the house or in the garden. You can then view them from all angles, switching them on and off and even taking photos of the various scenes. More details about each product are provided on the Internet.

BEGA AR needs an Internet access just once to download the contents. Then offline use is also possible.

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BEGA AR visualises luminaires and light

Position up to five virtual luminaires

Visualisation of the degree of illuminance

Comprehensive selection of products – available offline at any time




AR markers



  • Is BEGA AR also available for Android?

    At the moment, BEGA AR is only available for iOS.

  • On what devices can BEGA AR be operated?

    BEGA AR has been successfully tested on 2nd generation iPads. For an improved user experience, we recommend the iPad Air 2 or newer. The minimum requirements for the smartphone version are an iPhone 4S or a latest-generation iPod Touch. If BEGA AR does not run smoothly on your device, use the menu to reduce the quality settings.

  • I skipped the tutorial by mistake. How can I restart it?

    The Settings menu (gear wheel icon on the top left) contains the item “Reset instructions” (iPad) or “Tutorial” (iPhone/iPod Touch), with which you can restart the tutorial. The first time you start the iPad version, you can see help suggestions on all screens. The tutorial on the iPhone/iPod Touch is designed as a slideshow which guides you through the most important functions.

  • Can I use BEGA AR even without marker printouts?

    No, BEGA AR needs the markers to be able to calculate a perspective view of the luminaire.

  • Do I have to print out all of the markers?

    No, the number of marker printouts only decides how many luminaires can be viewed at the same time. Each marker can be used for any luminaire in the app. For a scenario that can only be described by several separate perspectives (e.g. a wall luminaire in front of the house and a pathway luminaire in the garden), however, you are recommended to use several markers in order not to have to change the assignment of a marker.

  • Why are there markers in different formats?

    The size of the marker determines the maximum distance between the tablet PC and the marker. As the distance increases, it becomes difficult for the app to recognise the marker correctly. If luminaires are to be viewed from a great distance, the use of A3 markers is recommended. For smaller distances, A4 markers are sufficient.

  • Can I scale down an A3 marker to DIN A4 paper format and print it out?

    The markers must always be printed out without scaling in order to represent the luminaire size accurately. You should therefore print out A4 markers only on DIN A4 paper, and A3 markers only on DIN A3 paper.

  • Why can I not use a marker several times one beside the other?

    The marker serves as a reference point for representing the luminaire model. If a marker is in the camera picture more than once, this reference point cannot be recognised. In order to augment a luminaire in a serial arrangement, different markers (e.g. A, B and C) must be used. These can be located in the camera picture at the same time.

  • I have a photo of a scenario. Can I use BEGA AR to mount a luminaire in this photo?

    No, this is not possible, not even if the photo contains a marker. Recognition only works in the live camera picture of the BEGA AR app. However, the camera picture can be frozen using the padlock icon.

  • Can I send a photo of the scenario by e-mail?

    Yes. The Freeze mode, which can be accessed via the padlock icon on the bottom left, contains a photo function. This saves a screenshot of the scenario shown on the screen in the iOS app “Photos”. The photos can be transferred from this app to other applications, for example e-mail or social media apps.

  • Why can I not save a photo on my device?

    In order to save a photo from the app on the device, you must grant BEGA AR the relevant authorisation. You are asked the first time you use the function, but not thereafter. In order to grant this authorisation later, open the device settings (“Settings” app icon on the home screen), select the item “Data protection” and enable the authorisation for BEGA AR by setting the switch to “green”.

  • How does the representation of pendant luminaires work?

    There are two ways to augment a pendant luminaire. The AR marker can either be lying on the table (“lying” mode) or can be set up (“standing” mode). The modes can be switched using the relevant icon in the AR panel. The advantage of a standing marker is that the pendant luminaire can be set to a realistic height using the vertical slider on the right-hand side of the AR panel, without losing the marker out of the field of view of the camera. In order to set up the marker, you are recommended to put a thick book behind it, for example, or to stick the marker to an object on the table. In this way, several pendant luminaires can also be represented one beside the other. It is not recommended to fix the marker to the ceiling, as the augmented pendant luminaire could not be viewed from the front.

  • Why does no luminaire appear although the marker is in the camera picture?

    Please check whether a luminaire is assigned to the marker in the catalogue, and whether a suitable marker size (A4/A3) for the marker has been selected in the Settings.

  • Why can I not switch on a luminaire, but only influence the ambient brightness?

    The ambient brightness can be influenced globally in the app. A visualised luminaire can only be influenced if the corresponding marker was selected by touch. The selection of a marker is confirmed by the brief appearance of a white frame and a “flashing” of the luminaire. The BEGA AR panel can then be used.

    If the panel does not function although the confirmation of the selection (white frame) appeared, the app should first be restarted or even reinstalled. You can restart the app by double-tapping the Home button and “swiping" the BEGA AR app upwards.

  • I am shown the BEGA AR panel, but the luminaire does not change!

    In the information field, the BEGA AR panel shows the markers for which settings can be carried out. A different marker has possibly been selected. Touch the video image to select the marker on which the required luminaire is placed. The selection of a marker is confirmed by the brief appearance of a white frame and a “flashing” of the luminaire.

    If the panel does not function although the confirmation of the selection (white frame) appeared, the app should first be restarted or even reinstalled. You can restart the app by double-tapping the Home button and “swiping" the BEGA AR app upwards.

  • I cannot configure any marker in the catalogue!

    Select the required luminaires by touching the product image for a longer period of time (> 1 second) and drag the luminaire onto the required marker.

  • Where is the Freeze mode in the iPhone/iPod Touch version?

    The functions that can be found on the bottom edge of the screen in the tablet PC version can be found in a different way in the smartphone version: The screen content is frozen by touching any point in the camera image for a longer period of time (> 3 seconds). In freeze mode, the screenshot icon appears on the bottom edge of the screen. This procedure is explained in the tutorial.