The augmented reality app from BEGA

<b>BEGA AR+</b><br />The augmented reality app from BEGA

The augmented reality app from BEGA

With the free BEGA AR+ app, our luminaires can be viewed from all angles in the area they are to be installed. Simply download the convenient app to your smartphone or tablet and it’s ready to use. After scanning the planned area of installation, the selected luminaires can be placed.


  • Evaluate BEGA luminaires in real time and in the area you plan to install them
  • Take a look at our products from all sides and in different versions
  • Turn the luminaires on and off
  • Darken the surroundings to better assess the effect of the luminaires
  • Duplicate the luminaires to create a coordinated lighting design
  • Experience how the luminaires illuminate the surroundings
  • Determine the ideal distances between the luminaires and view these distances exactly.
  • Save snapshots of your scenes in your photo gallery

You will find more detailed information on each of the products that can be evaluated using the BEGA AR+ app at


  • iOS: iPhone 6s, iPad (2017), iPad Pro with iOS 11 or later
  • Android: ARCore compatible device (list)