BEGA Gateway App
Remote light and building control

<b>BEGA Gateway App</b><br />Remote light and building control

BEGA Gateway App
Remote light and building control

The BEGA Gateway App allows you to control your property using your smartphone or tablet PC – whether you are on the go or in any room in your house or apartment. You can keep an eye on your building system at any time, using mobile communications or Wi-Fi.

To be able to use the app you will require BEGA Gateway 70 588 as well as an assortment of Zigbee components.

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Light and building control

Adjust the brightness of your luminaires using slide controls or up/down keys, or activate an atmospheric scenario. Of course you can also use your normal wall switches.

With the help of the menu item “Building control” you can navigate either by function (light, heating, blinds etc.) or by room. On the home screen you can already see how many components are active at that moment.


Create and manage rooms

If you navigate by room, you can see all of the rooms in your house at a glance, and also how many components are active. Select the room you want, and you have immediate access to all of the functions.


Manage groups and scenarios

With the menu item “Scenarios” you can first adjust the settings for dimmers, blinds and other devices, and then activate them at the press of a button. Example: At the press of a button, all of the blinds close, and at the same time the dim function sets the light to 50%. You can quickly and easily create scenarios yourself, change them and delete them again at any time.


Zigbee components