BEGA Registered Trademarks

BEGA Registered Trademarks

BEGA Registered Trademarks

BEGA Registered Trademarks

The use of the latest and most advanced technologies and the ongoing development of all our components have always been part of the BEGA commitment. Registered trademarks document the unique technological features of BEGA luminaires in many areas. For sustainable products of exceptional durability that impressively highlight architectural features.


BEGA Thermal Management ®

The ageing of electronic components - particularly LEDs - depends on the temperatures to which they are exposed during operation. The higher the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the LED modules, the shorter the anticipated service life.

Thermal management therefore poses a major challenge when developing new luminaires. In addition to the use of high-quality components, we have taken constructive measures to ensure optimum temperature conditions inside the luminaires. The LED service life is significantly extended as a result.

BEGA Thermal Management ® is a registered trademark and includes three thermal protection devices which can be used in BEGA luminaires to protect against possible overheating of individual components.

The type of protective device installed depends on the type of luminaire and its primary use. You can find data sheets for all luminaires on our website. These contain all luminaire data and the current values for LED service life, luminous flux, maximum ambient temperature, and provide information on the use of BEGA Thermal Management ®.

BEGA Thermal Switch ®

To protect the luminaire from overheating due to excessive ambient temperatures, luminaires with the BEGA Thermal Switch ® have a thermal cut-off which protects temperature-sensitive components by switching them off temporarily.

BEGA Thermal Control ®

To protect the luminaire from overheating due to excessive ambient temperatures, luminaires with BEGA Thermal Control ® have thermal regulation which protects temperature-sensitive components and temporarily controls the luminaire output or takes measures to regulate the temperature inside the luminaire. The luminaires are not switched off, but continue to operate thanks to BEGA Thermal Control ® .


BEGA Ultimate Driver ®

BEGA Ultimate Drivers ® are power supply units with numerous unique features:
optimum regulation thanks to BEGA Thermal Management ®, impressive service life, high dielectric strength, maximum durability thanks to an extremely robust design, efficient overvoltage protection, low inrush current.


BEGA Optics

BEGA Hybrid Optics ® and BEGA Vortex Optics ® are registered trademarks with technologies we believe in and rely on to develop long-lasting, wear-resistant optical systems with the highest lighting quality.

We define very high quality standards for our luminaires based on our decades of experience. This approach results in the continuous improvement of our products.

The same quality standards apply for our LED technology as well. We rigorously follow our own ideas in the selection and processing of our LED components and are never satisfied with standard market criteria. To meet these goals, we have created all the necessary conditions, including the best production processes.

All BEGA luminaires are supplied with out very own tailor-made modules. We have control over all the materials used and therefore are not forced to enter any compromises. Our LED modules are expected to reach the maximum possible service life. We are committed to using components of the highest quality, made exclusively of age-resistant materials.

For that very reason, we do not use plastic lenses with questionable ageing properties in our optical systems. Instead we prefer durable materials such as glass, silicone and aluminium.

BEGA Hybrid Optics ®

Complete light control thanks to optimal refraction and reflexion using precisely calculated reflectors with a surface made from pure aluminium, as well as lenses made from ultra-clear silicone or glass: BEGA Hybrid Optics capture ® and transmit virtually every beam of light from the LED modules for optimum light distribution. The interplay between lens and reflector technologies ensures maximum efficiency.

BEGA Vortex Optics ®

BEGA Vortex Optics ® features newly developed twisted reflectors with a surface made of pure aluminium. The more intensive bundling of light ensures perfect light control. This results in optimum light distribution without artefacts. Thanks to excellent glare control, BEGA Vortex Optics ® achieve excellent visual comfort.
The interaction with the LED modules produces extraordinary lighting results.


BEGA Coating Technology ®

BEGA Coating Technology ® is a registered trademark that encompasses two technologies for the protection of metallic surfaces. We use these two technologies in the knowledge that they allow us to achieve finishes of the highest quality, paying special attention to corrosion resistance as well as weathering and light stability.

You can find data sheets for all luminaires on our website. They provide information on all luminaire data and the use of BEGA Coating Technology ®.

BEGA Unidure ®

A unique and extremely weather-resistant powder coating that meets the highest global standards for weathering and light stability. Outstanding results in the most extreme endurance tests.

BEGA Tricoat ®

Optimal surface protection and excellent corrosion resistance thanks to carefully coordinated inorganic and organic coating processes on special alloys.