Aluminium and wood – durable and attractive

An impressive combination of materials: the BEGA wood bollard tubes re-composed with two extremely durable materials – dimensionally stable and reliable Accoya® wood with aluminium and cast aluminium components with BEGA Coating Technology® for the most efficient surface protection. This material combination adds bollard tubes made of Accoya® wood to an already extensive series of system bollards for exceptional new design possibilities.

Natural materials have a high appreciation and make each product a unique. The new BEGA bollard tubes made of Accoya® wood from our system partner Aubrilam, which has decades of experience in this sector, take up this newly ignited fascination. In cooperation with Aubrilam, new luminaires have been and are being designed which set special accents. They blend into the natural surroundings of the garden, park or even a maritime environment, where they provide good lighting. The luminaire heads of the BEGA system bollard luminaires are freely selectable.

The warm colour, natural structure and durability of the wood come together in harmony with the aluminium and cast aluminium components to create material compositions of outstanding quality. The system bollards with bollard tubes made of Accoya® wood are an exemplary combination of metal and wood in terms of durability. Only quality wood sourced from sustainable forestry is used. The Accoya® wood comes from Monterey pine and undergoes an acetylation treatment, which is applied evenly across the entire cross section. The material is therefore completely protected against the weather and other environmental influences – inside and out. The wood is salt-resistant, resistant to insect attack, non-toxic and recyclable. It comes in the brown colour Tyrol Pine Timeless and is extremely durable: it will last for at least 50 years when used without direct ground contact as is the case with the BEGA bollard tubes.

Visual changes in the appearance of the wood over time are completely normal and to be expected. If, after years of ageing and inevitable damage, the wood or surface coating needs to be renewed, our system partner Aubrilam with its decades of experience offers this service.

All metal finishes are protected by BEGA Coating Technology®. This trademarked maximum weather and corrosion protection, together with the durability of the wood, guarantees the longevity of these new BEGA system bollard tubes.

Outdoor luminaires with wood and aluminium

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