Decorative downlights

Perfect metal workmanship and high-grade LED technology are the hallmarks of the distinctive STUDIO LINE indoor luminaire series. This popular series is now being expanded with new options for recessed ceiling downlights and ceiling-mounted downlights. They offer impressive features such as reflectors in metallic colours and optional increased luminous flux.

We have compiled all of our STUDIO LINE products in a new brochure, which is available both digitally and on our website. With their velvet black and velvet white metal shields and metallic interior colours, the STUDIO LINE luminaires create an elegant and expressive lighting atmosphere. They are suitable for use in private living spaces, as well as in shops, hotels and anywhere where exquisite luminaires are needed to complete the look of an interior.

These luminaires with a perfect metal finish are available in various models, sizes and with various light outputs.

Different interior colours for light with a normal or warm colour temperature allow optimum coordination with the existing interior: warm copper and brass tones and contrasting aluminium tones exemplify the versatility of this unmistakable luminaire series. Particularly when illuminated, the metallic interior colours contrast with the exterior finish to reveal all their beauty. A new white interior colour is available for selected recessed ceiling luminaires.

The new downlights with reflectors in the distinctive STUDIO LINE interior colours are optionally available with very high luminous flux for indoor luminaires of this type. The exquisite luminaire series therefore now offers additional technical and decorative features for many lighting requirements.

From ceiling illumination and accented walls to beautiful pendant luminaires over tables and in rooms with high ceilings: STUDIO LINE has attractive and technically sophisticated solutions for a wide range of applications.

More information about our STUDIO LINE series
The latest STUDIO LINE brochure to download/ pdf 5 mb

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