Distinguished illumination for outdoor and indoor use

Redefining the lighting experience – for the private environment and all areas where distinguished and stylish luminaires are needed: BEGA has reissued its “Light for the house and the garden” and “STUDIO LINE” publications. Examples of use are impressively and memorably presented in even more generous photographic images that provide ideas on how to use BEGA luminaires to individually improve lighting quality in and around the house and garden.

The impressive lighting technology, high-quality workmanship and unmistakable design of our BEGA luminaires offer countless ways to bring the fascination of light into our private sphere. The “Light for the house and the garden” product selection is a great help. A wide range of design options for coordinating your indoor and outdoor lighting allow you to extend your living space to the outdoors and create an all-round pleasant lighting atmosphere.

The luminaires underline architectural beauty and stage the garden as an additional private space for retreat. Additionally, effective lighting is an important safety feature for homes and gardens. The outdoor luminaires can be used to plan accentuated illumination for walls, ceilings, paths and staircases around the house and in the garden, as well as for the patio, trees and other garden features. In addition to safely lit pathways and attractive architectural lighting, you can continue to admire the beauty of your garden when night falls.

“Light for the house and the garden” also offers plenty of ideas and suggestions for the interior. The luminaires help create an even more inviting and homely ambiance with the help of carefully coordinated lighting.

The STUDIO LINE series for indoor use features reliable, high-quality LED technology and perfect metalwork. Striking exteriors in luxurious velvet black or elegant velvet white underline the premium quality of the luminaire elements, which are processed and galvanised by hand. The velvet white and velvet black luminaire housings are offered with a choice of three metallic interior colours: copper, brass or aluminium. Individual combinations can be put together to match the surroundings of the luminaires. For premium-quality illumination in private living spaces as well as in retail spaces or hotels.

Discover our new “Light for the house and the garden” and “STUDIO LINE” publications today

back to overview published on 19.08.2019