Energy-efficient illumination

Smart and energy-efficient light for luminaires with conventional lamp bases is no problem with the new BEGA LED lamps. They allow an uncomplicated upgrade wherever lamps with conventional E14 or E27 lamp bases are needed or pre-installed. Consumer-friendly, sustainable and with the option of inclusion in Smart Home systems, LED lamps are future-proof solutions with advantages far beyond their considerably lower operating costs.

The use of LED for lighting is without a doubt one of the biggest steps in the history of lighting technology advancement. An upgrade of older luminaires to BEGA LED lamps as an efficient and much more flexible light source makes sense – and not just because of the production ban for most halogen lamp types that came into force on September 1, 2018 as part of the final implementation stage of the Lamp Ordinance of the European Union (EU). LED consumes significantly less electricity than halogen lamps and the generic light bulbs, which are no longer produced in the EU since 2012. An LED lamp consumes up to 90 percent less electricity than a light bulb and around 80 to 85 percent less than a halogen lamp, but outputs the same luminous intensity.

The many options of LED technology, however, go far beyond the considerable operating costs advantage: The new, energy-efficient and long-life BEGA LED lamps with E14 or E27 lamp base are available as switchable and dimmable versions. Additionally, remote-controlled versions are now also available. The ZigBee 3.0 standard used by BEGA means that LED lamps can be easily integrated in a Smart Home system like BEGA Smart or any other ZigBee-controlled building management system. The light of ZigBee LED lamps, which are available in tunable white or RGBW, can be controlled or dimmed via a smartphone with the user-friendly and free BEGA Smart app or one of the BEGA remote controls.

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