Exceptional lighting technology

Narrow LED in-ground luminaires in different lengths create new possibilities: These 82 mm wide luminaires are characterised by their high light output levels and low installation depth. With their innovative reflectors, they also boast ingenious lighting technology. The look and effect are extraordinary for illumination from ground level, an area where BEGA has been setting quality standards for several decades.

The drive-over LED in-ground luminaires are available as location luminaires and floodlights with high light output levels. The floodlights are available with symmetrical very narrow beam, symmetrical very wide beam and asymmetrical light distribution. The reflectors feature a pure aluminium finish. The innovative reflector design ensures optimised, seamless light distribution. Perfect light deflection is achieved through more compact concentration of the light. By restricting the amount of glare in a very effective manner, an extremely favourable cut-off angle is guaranteed for the luminaires, thereby ensuring superb visual comfort. Outstanding lighting results are achieved in conjunction with the LED modules.

The in-ground luminaires are available in three lengths: 560 mm, 1055 mm and 1520 mm.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the luminaire housing made of aluminium is highly corrosion-proof. BEGA luminaires are designed and manufactured to meet the extreme demands placed on outdoor luminaires and, in particular, in-ground luminaires.

The new linear LED in-ground luminaires for paved ground surfaces both indoors and out are mounted in an installation housing on a foundation that can withstand pressure loads of up to 1000 kg.

Detailed product information

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