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Fascinating light graphics

These new LED wall luminaires offer an alternative to normal wall and facade illumination that is as effective as it is efficient. They create fascinating light graphics on the installation surface, opening up completely new opportunities for planners to accentuate structural elements. With a greatly reduced overhang in the two basic designs, these luminaires become a discreet component of the building facade.

With an innovative and highly efficient optical system, these new LED wall luminaires create six different light effects. Light emissions of 15 or 90 degrees can be selected in various combinations.

The optical system uses practically every ray of light for optimum light distribution. Our LED technology and the optical silicone lenses create impressive light graphics on the facade. Depending on the installation height, these luminaires can also illuminate the area in front of the wall.

The luminaires are available in three colours (graphite, white or silver). A choice of LED colour temperatures is available (3000 or 4000 K). These are luminaires which will also impress you through a minimum LED service life of 50000 hours and 20 years’ availability guarantee for the LED modules.

back to overview published on 12.04.2018