Full-surface illumination without “light cone”

The new BEGA on-ground floodlights with a luminous flux of more than 4000 lm are characterised by their high performance. The design of this floodlight makes it possible to fully illuminate a vertical surface, e.g. a façade, right down to the lower edge of the roof. The lower limit of the light distribution is a straight line, without the usual “light cone”.

The LED on-ground floodlight is an excellent alternative for areas where full-surface illumination of vertical surfaces such as facades is required, but installation in the floor and drive-over capability are not. For the planning of such areas, the significantly less effort required to install this surface-mounted luminaire compared to drive-over in-ground luminaires is a clear advantage in terms of costs.

They are fixed to the substrate with a mounting plate. We offer an anchorage unit or connection housing as accessories for the different requirements at the installation site. The luminaire can therefore also be mounted on unpaved surfaces such as sand or gravel.

The LED colour temperature can be set between 4000 K and 3000 K.

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back to overview published on 13.06.2018