High-performance floodlights with new hybrid optics

Every class in the BEGA floodlight range sets new standards in economy and efficiency. Our series of performance floodlights is now available in an additional size and with a luminous flux of more than 8000 lm. This series of floodlights offers a solution for all lighting requirements where maximum compactness and high luminous flux in outstanding quality are required.

The new performance floodlights impress with their highly efficient narrow beam and wide beam light distribution, providing outstanding lighting results. BEGA hybrid optics are used to maximise efficiency. They make use of the perfect interplay of precisely positioned reflectors with a pure aluminium surface and an optical lens made of ultra-clear silicone. The hybrid optics capture virtually every beam of light from the LED modules and distribute them perfectly. That is the biggest difference between hybrid optics and conventional light deflection methods, in which much of the light leaves the luminaire without being deflected.

Optional accessories like diffuser disks, shields and louvres further extend the range of applications.

BEGA offers threaded connection accessories for our performance floodlights with a G ½ connecting thread to allow for a variety of installation situations:

  • Rectangular or round mounting box for floodlight installation on pillars, walls or under suspended ceilings
  • Mounting box for foundation or anchorage unit
  • Cross beams for floodlight installations on a luminaire pole
  • Pole caps for luminaire poles with various pole top diameters
  • Tensioning straps for floodlight installations in trees, complete with ten-metre connecting cable and safety plug
  • Stainless steel wood screws, complete with five-metre connecting cable and safety plug
  • Tube clamps, complete with five-metre connecting cable and safety plug
  • Screw clamps, complete with five-metre connecting cable and safety plug
  • Earth spikes, complete with five-metre connecting cable and safety plug

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