Illuminating vertical surfaces from the ground up

The new drive-over BEGA in-ground floodlight allows the complete illumination of vertical surfaces like façades from the ground up. The lower limit of the light distribution is linear – unlike the usual "light cone". This versatile luminaire also features a high light output.

The predecessor system of these new floodlights used discharge lamps as their light source and illuminated many prestigious structures around the globe. BEGA has decades of experience in the area of in-ground luminaires and LED technology, which have allowed the development of this new luminaire type in peerless quality. With careful and professional installation, these floodlights will perform their lighting tasks during very long operating times.

The in-ground floodlight is perfectly suited for applications in which an illumination of vertical surfaces is needed and where the luminaire should be installed at ground level and have drive-over capabilities. The cast aluminium luminaire is mounted in a stainless steel installation housing on a foundation that absorbs pressure loads of up to 1000 kg. The LED colour temperature can be set between 3000 K and 4000 K and the luminaire is DALI controllable.

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back to overview published on 06.09.2018