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LED on-ground luminaires for spatial illumination

The new LED on-ground luminaires are ideal for lighting design requirements – e.g. for the illumination of ground surfaces at some distance from the installation location of the luminaires. The spatial illumination of areas such as driveways and wide footpaths is possible with this new luminaire, as is the lateral demarcation of squares and other similar areas.

New lighting solution for very low mounting heights: This new LED luminaire complements the existing product group of our on-ground luminaires in a new design and with a new light distribution. The asymmetrical flat beam light distribution features extraordinarily deep spatial illumination of ground surfaces.

Matching recessed wall luminaires with the same lighting characteristics offer additional illumination from the side of a building.

The most outstanding features of this luminaire are its robust cast aluminium design and cost-effective, long-lasting LED technology. The light-directing reflector is made of pure anodised aluminium. These luminaires can either be bolted to a building structure on a mounting plate, or to a BEGA anchorage unit made of hot-dip galvanised steel.

A choice of colour temperature is available (3000 or 4000 K) and the luminaires are DALI controllable.

The BEGA LED modules offer an impressive minimum service life of at least 50,000 operating hours. BEGA provides a 20-year availability guarantee on LED modules.

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