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LED pendant luminaires for catenary systems

The new BEGA LED pendant luminaires for catenary systems are the ideal solution for lighting planning with these special lighting systems. They do their job of providing good light in public areas. The cylindrical form of the luminaires, which is unusual for catenary systems, also guarantees a special visual effect. The luminaire can be enhanced by a clear synthetic cylinder to create an even more attractive impression.

The new LED pendant luminaires in two versions offer all the advantages of BEGA’s outstanding lighting technology: An integral reflector unit directs the light downwards in a rotationally symmetrical wide beam. The luminaires with an additional clear synthetic cylinder produce an additional vertical share of light and create a special lighting atmosphere. In this way, parts of buildings in the immediate vicinity of the luminaires are illuminated.

The LED pendant luminaires for catenary systems offer good visual comfort in galleries, arcades and passageways.

They will impress you through a minimum LED service life of 50,000 hours and 20 years’ availability guarantee for the LED modules. They offer outstanding luminous efficiency and a choice of LED colour temperatures. The cable hanger system of the luminaires is suitable for transverse suspension systems and longitudinal chain systems. The angle of the luminaires can be adjusted by five per cent through the cable hanger system, making perfect vertical positioning possible at all times.

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