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Linear LED ceiling and wall luminaires

These LED ceiling and wall luminaires open up new dimensions in lighting design. Their light accentuates the linear structures of buildings. The luminaires are available in lengths that go far beyond the dimensions used so far. They are available in lengths of 500, 950 or 1850 mm and thus satisfy the format needs of modern lighting design.

These LED ceiling and wall luminaires, which distribute their unshielded light in three directions, offer light quality with maximum visual comfort. The white synthetic cover with its particular light-diffusing properties distributes the light of the LED modules gently and evenly. Individually, in groups or as bands of light, the new linear ceiling and wall luminaires form effective design elements.

The protection class IP 65 is also unusual for linear luminaires of this length.

The new LED ceiling and wall luminaires are available in graphite. As wall luminaires, they can be installed horizontally or vertically.

A choice of LED colour temperatures is available (3000 or 4000 K).

These are luminaires which will also impress you through a minimum LED service life of 50000 hours and 20 years’ availability guarantee for the LED modules.

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