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Perfect solutions for the private sector

Our selection "Light for the house and the garden 2018" offers tailor-made products in various shapes, sizes and degree of illuminance for your private garden, the grounds around your house and your living space. All of the relevant information is summarised in our latest catalogue and can also be found here on our website.

Unmistakable BEGA products bring the fascination of light into your private surroundings. None more so than the carefully chosen "Light for the house and the garden" product selection. A wide range of design options for coordinating your indoor and outdoor lighting allow you to extend your living space to the outdoors and create an all-round pleasant lighting atmosphere.

The luminaires highlight the beautiful architecture of your home and transform your garden into a private retreat. Lighting around the outside of your home also greatly improves the sense of security.

The outdoor luminaires from various product groups enable you to accentuate walls, ceilings, paths and stairways (in the home and in the garden), terraces, trees and other plants. In addition to safely lit pathways and attractive architectural lighting, you can also continue to admire the beauty of your garden when night falls.

Our portable smart LED light system Plug & Play allows you to quickly and spontaneously customise lighting scenarios without having to lay underground cables – adjustments and enhancements require very little time and effort. Configuration is carried out via the free BEGA Smart app. The app can also be used to control the lighting in the immediate vicinity of the garden, while the ONE and PRO remote controls can be used to control the system from even greater distances.

The "Light for the house and the garden" selection also includes a large number of product groups for indoor lighting. When carefully coordinated, these products can turn your house into a welcoming home. Alongside our solutions for ceilings, walls and stairways, you will find lighting for dining tables, bars and countertops.

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