Public Area WiFi

BEGA WiFi light building elements are structural components for public spaces. These illuminated design elements are used primarily in inner city areas, for example on squares and in pedestrian zones. Demand for publicly accessible WiFi is extremely high and even expected in these sorts of places. We have designed and developed the new BEGA WiFi light building elements specifically for these requirements – bringing light and WiFi together in one place. BEGA WiFi light building elements are perfect for installing the necessary technology.

BEGA supplies the WiFi light building elements ready for connection with an integral WiFi module and aerial unit. This readily accessible WiFi interface means that the network can be made available to cities and municipalities for their public spaces.

The planning and start-up service is provided by our telecommunications system partner “The Cloud Networks Germany GmbH” based in Munich, an independent European market leader for public WiFi.

“The Cloud” offers a comprehensive service package and – where needed – a VDSL connection to operate the system. You can find technical information about the WiFi module in the product data sheets on our website.

LED light building elements are available with a choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical flat beam light distribution. Another option is an integral LED floodlight to illuminate architectural details in the immediate vicinity of the luminaires.

We have put together a description of our WiFi light building elements and our telecommunication system partner in our fact sheet entitled “WiFi light building elements”.

Download the fact sheet/ pdf 4 mb

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