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Update: BEGA AR with another 64 products

The free-to-download BEGA AR augmented reality app gives you the opportunity to visualise our products in their designated place using an iPad or iPhone. Experience how they will look and simulate the lighting effect. Since the latest update, the app now contains 64 more products from our luminaires collection “Light for the House and the Garden”. Newest feature: The marker required for placement can be removed from the image - for a perfect presentation of the future BEGA illumination.

But how best to incorporate BEGA luminaires into an interior design concept so that they can fulfil their task of achieving effective lighting? You can position our BEGA luminaires in a live camera image via the app installed on your iPad or iPhone. The technical options provided by the app allow you to see how our BEGA luminaires will actually look in the location of your choice: The app simulates the function of the luminaire, changes in ambient brightness and helps visualise the degree of luminance in the vicinity of the selected products. You can even take a photo of the virtual scenario with our luminaires in place and share it across the usual digital channels.

The app is continuously being updated with more luminaires from the BEGA range, so that these too can be “installed” in your virtual environments. The latest version of the app now also includes indoor luminaires, which are a great choice for private living spaces and are a perfect addition to our “Light for the House and the Garden” selection.

With great future lighting solutions in mind, this app simplifies lighting planning significantly and represents a very useful tool for selecting your BEGA luminaires.

back to overview published on 15.11.2017