Aluminium luminaire pole with base plate

Surface lacquered

Luminaire poles with base plate for installing on an anchorage unit or on a foundation.

Corrosion-resistant poles made of aluminium and cast aluminium with static strength in accordance with EN 40.

The luminaire poles are pretreated and have a high-quality powder-coating.

They are fitted with a cast aluminium door, a c-clamp and sliding nuts for holding a connection box, as well as a PE conductor connection.

We supply luminaire poles in the same colour as the ordered luminaires. Poles in RAL and DB colours can be supplied at the catalogue price.

H d h Ø D kg
70 900 4000 76 135 340 19
70 902 5000 76 135 340 24
70 904 6000 76 135 340 28
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range