BEGA bollard tubes as a supplement to BEGA bollard heads

BEGA Vehicle Blocker® · Bollard tubes as drive-through protection

As a modular system, BEGA system bollards enable luminaire heads and bollard tubes to be combined with various additional functions.

In lighting systems, luminaires of different heights or with additional functions, but with the same design and lighting technology, are often required. As part of our system bollard range, we offer bollard tubes with built-in floodlights, emergency lighting batteries, motion and light sensors, control modules, BEGA Vehicle Blocker ® drive-through protection, lockable sockets and charging module inserts for electric vehicles.

In addition to aluminium bollard tubes, we also offer component-free bollard tubes, made of a combination of cast aluminium and Accoya ® wood. Simply order the bollard head and your preferred bollard tube to go with it. The two modules can be quickly and easily connected to one another during installation.

Concrete-casting bollard tubes for foundations to be provided by the customer. Statically tested foundation plans for different foundation heights and application situations – certified for drive-through protection up to 1.5 t · 50 km/h – will be provided upon receipt of your order.


Protection class IP 65

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
BEGA Unidure ® coating technology

The bollard tube and anchorage unit are designed for three different applications in conjunction with a foundation that must be constructed on site:
1. Impact protection for an impact load of 10 kN according to DIN 1991-1-7 (approximately equivalent to a car of 1.5 tonnes travelling at up to 10 kph)
2. Drive-through protection for a car of max. 1.5 tonnes driving at a speed of up to 50 km/h. Statics calculation and design with reference to PAS 68:2013 British Standard and European IWA 14-1:2013.

BEGA LED system bollards

We are pleased to present a modular bollard concept in the form of BEGA LED system bollards. The technical requirements to be met by luminaires are increasing all the time, especially in the planning of lighting systems of all shapes and sizes. BEGA LED system bollards are a modular system that enables the combination of luminaire heads and luminaire tubes with various additional functions.

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Bollard heads

For the lighting function of the LED system bollards, you can choose from ten LED system bollard heads with different light distributions and light emissions to meet the requirements of the lighting situation in question. The LED system bollard heads are also available with different shapes and dimensions.

The LED system bollard head can quickly and easily be connected to the separately chosen LED system bollard tube during installation.

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Bollard tubes

LED system bollard tubes offer the solutions for the frequently requested additional functions of bollards. They are available:

  • without components in two heights
  • made of Accoya® wood
  • with floodlight
  • with PIR motion and light sensor
  • with Zigbee control module
  • with a single emergency lighting battery
  • Drive-through protection up to 7.5 t · BEGA Vehicle Blocker®
  • with 2 250 V type F safety sockets behind a lockable door
  • with a lockable door · with or without installation inserts
  • with charging module insert for electric cars (type 2)
  • with one integral safety socket
  • as closing head without illumination function

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Drive-through protection

Preventing vehicle access to neuralgic areas in inner cities, in front of commercial units, buildings and other spaces – LED system bollards are our answer to this common safety issue. As a modular system, they allow the combination of luminaire heads and luminaire tubes. The BEGA system bollard tubes with drive-through protection are installed on exactly calculated foundations and their interior consists or reinforced concrete. The drive-through protection has been verified and documented in reputable tests.

Car crash test

Crashtest-Service GmbH is a certified and world-renowned testing authority in Münster, Germany. They tested and certified the suitability and effectiveness of our drive-through protection for a 1.5-tonne vehicle impacting at 50 km/h.

Certified in accordance with PAS 68:2013 British Standard and IWA 14-1:2013

Laying the foundations

You will receive a detailed foundation and reinforcement plan and parts list free of charge with your bollard tube order confirmation. LED system bollards are installed on the anchorage unit embedded in the foundation. This allows luminaires with drive-through protection to absorb the tensile forces of vehicle impact.

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