BEGA LED lamps

for lamp bases G 9, E 14 or E 27

Some of our luminaires are equipped with a conventional G 9, E 14 or E 27 base. We offer a selection of long-life, energy-saving LED lamps in switchable or dimmable versions for these luminaires.

LED lamps consume significantly less energy than conventional lamps, have a considerably longer life, and require much lower operating costs. They also have no power-up delay and are insensitive to frequent switching on and off. BEGA LED lamps boast an impressive minimum service life of 15,000 hours and are available with a light colour of 2700 or 3000 Kelvin.

Our LED lamps are also available in radio-controlled versions. Thanks to the Zigbee standard used, these LED lamps can be easily integrated into a smart home system or a Zigbee-controlled building management system and are available either as a tunable white or RGB W version.


Colour rendering index (CRI) > 80
Service life 15,000 h · ZigBee lamp 25,000 h
Switching cycles > 100,000 x · ZigBee lamp > 30,000 x · G 9 lamps > 7 500 x
Ambient temperature +40 °C to -20 °C · G 9 lamps +65 °C bis - 20 °C

The data quoted in the table might change as a result of technical progress. Information concerning the current values is always provided in the data sheets on our website.

LED lamps for base G 9 
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LED lamps for base E 14 
Lamp A B
LED lamps for base E 14 · Zigbee 
Lamp A B
LED lamps for base E 27 
Lamp A B
LED lamps for base E 27 · Zigbee 
Lamp A B
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