BEGA Plug & Play Smart Tower and Smart Extender

The Smart Tower is the basis of BEGA Plug & Play. It is the intelligent control centre of the system and at the same time provides the necessary operating voltage of 48 V. Optionally we can supply the Smart Tower with 5 m connecting cable including a mains plug for operating on a 230 V socket or without a mains plug with a free cable end. In this case, we recommend the use of a BEGA distribution box for the electrical connection. Luminaires as well as one or more Smart Extenders can be connected to the four plug contacts of the Smart Tower.

Smart Extenders also have four plug contacts, thus extending the system with additional connection options. The maximum connected wattage of all luminaires connected to a Smart Tower is 50 watts. If additional luminaires are to be connected, the system can be extended any time with an additional Smart Tower.


Protection class  IP 65

Housing made of glass fibre reinforced synthetic material
Smart Tower:  BEGA Ultimate Driver ®
Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth

Smart Tower: 230 V AC / 48 V DC · Connected wattage max. 50 watts
Smart Tower and Smart Extender: 4 outputs each, can be switched and dimmed individually

To operate them, we recommend the remote controls PRO (13 569) or ONE (10 526).
For the electrical connection of the Smart Tower 13 567, we recommend the use of a BEGA distribution box.

Colour graphite

The smart LED light system for illuminating your garden

BEGA Plug & Play is the smart LED light system for illuminating your garden. Everything is possible: from simple switching on and off to conveniently controlling the luminaires using your smartphone or tablet. With BEGA Plug  &  Play, illuminating your garden is simple: There is no elaborate groundwork required for laying electrical cables, and BEGA Plug  &  Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.

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