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BEGA Plug & Play
Experience the fascination of individual lighting

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BEGA Smart app

  • What is the BEGA Smart app used for?

    Your BEGA Plug & Play system is set up using the free BEGA Smart app. The system and the remote controls are configured using this smartphone app. The individual components are scanned using codes and are added to the installation. The app can then be used to control and switch the luminaires in the immediate garden vicinity on and off. You can also create groups and scenes for your own individual lighting scenarios.

  • What range is covered by the app for setup/control?

    You must be within the Bluetooth range of a Smart Tower – i.e. max. 15 metres away – to set up or control the system.

  • What is the difference between groups and scenarios?

    You can group together single luminaires. For example, it is possible to switch several luminaires on or off or dim them simultaneously. Each luminaire can only be part of one single group.

    In contrast to groups, scenarios have more specific setting options. That means: In a scenario, luminaires are set to a preconfigured state, for example: 50 per cent brightness, light colour blue.

    Luminaires can be included in multiple scenarios and receive individual settings for each one.

  • What is a QR or DataMatrix code? What is it used for?

    DataMatrix codes or QR codes are 2D codes that store machine-readable textual information. The BEGA Smart app can scan and process this information. The codes make it easy to set up and configure BEGA Plug & Play.

  • Can I use the app to set up and control multiple systems?

    Yes, it is possible to control several systems. However, only one system can be controlled and configured at a time – with multiple systems, you must switch between them within the app.

  • Does the app recognise changes in the system automatically?

    If you change the plugs of the luminaires connected to the outputs of the Smart Tower/Smart Extender in an existing installation, you must manually adjust this in the app. The app does not automatically recognise which luminaire is connected to which output. Such changes can, however, be made in the app quickly and easily.

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BEGA Smart Home Gateway 70 588

Quick Start Guide/ pdf 2 mb

Installation manual/ pdf 3 mb