BEGA Smart
Light control via app – simple and convenient

<b>BEGA Smart</b><br />Light control via app – simple and convenient

BEGA Smart
Light control via app – simple and convenient



The control hub for the BEGA Smart Home system.

It controls each part of the system across short distances via Bluetooth and allows each system component to be individually programmed. Configuring how and when a luminaire or group of luminaires should behave is easy and intuitive. It takes only the touch of a button for all the luminaires to spread their cosy light. The room can be brightly illuminated at a pre-determined time. The app makes it possible to create countless lighting scenarios that can be controlled manually or automatically.



Quick and simple setup of light control both indoors and outdoors


Integrate all components into the lighting system and define groups or lighting scenarios


Control and switch via the smartphone and app, or using a BEGA remote control


Easy installation – guided configuration

Create luminaire groups and lighting scenarios intuitively and with little effort. You can also configure the system to switch on and off automatically or according to the time of day.

Simple integration of new components

Use your smartphone to scan the codes found on each component for a quick and straightforward setup of the lighting system. Your individual planning can then begin.

Creating groups and scenarios

Once all system components have been added to the system, individual luminaire groups can be created and automated as required.

Colour Loop

Colour-intensive illumination with RGB W luminaires: The Colour Loop enables automatic colour changes in three speed levels. You can, for example, configure your party lighting beforehand and then control it automatically.

Flexible configuration of the PRO & ONE remote controls

The secure Zigbee connection of the BEGA ONE and PRO remote controls enables the lighting system to be switched and controlled over longer distances, with a range of up to 30 metres possible in an open field environment. Setting up the remote controls with the free BEGA Smart app is flexible and straightforward. Menu buttons can be assigned in just a few steps and the remote control is then ready to use.

More information on the PRO remote control
More information on the ONE remote control

Scheduled actions

With automated and time-dependent switching on and off of the lighting system, your home will appear occupied at all times. The BEGA Smart app can also be used to quickly create individual time-controlled events or to change time frames.

Secure connections

A secure and encrypted Zigbee connection allows the lighting systems to be controlled across larger distances via the ONE and PRO remote controls.

Over-the-air updates

The BEGA Smart app keeps the lighting system up to date at all times. Updates are published regularly.

Product integration

We are continuously improving the user experience through free app updates with new features and improved product integration.

BEGA Smart
For a home where everything is easy

BEGA Smart
For a home where everything is easy