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Bollard tubes for BEGA LED system bollards

With a single emergency lighting battery

Bollards are often required to perform extra functions in addition to their actual illumination task. BEGA LED system bollards enable a luminaire head and a luminaire tube to be combined with an additional function. When planning your lighting system, first select a bollard head with the required light distribution. Then choose a matching bollard tube for the additional functions.

Bollard tubes with an integral emergency lighting battery set with self-test function for 3 hours of emergency lighting operation.


Emergency lighting device with self-test function
NiMH rechargeable batters for 3 h emergency operation at 0°…+55 °C

  Ø Connection box H
84 634   190 with single emergency lighting battery 4 W · 3 h 70 871 815
84 636   265 with single emergency lighting battery 4 W · 3 h 70 871 875