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Bollard tubes for BEGA LED system bollards

Without components

For BEGA system bollards, you must select the bollard tube required for the bollard head. Both modules can be connected quickly and easily during the installation.

Bollard tubes without any additional components form the basic tubes of the LED system bollards.


Connecting terminals 3 x 4

BEGA LED system bollards

We are pleased to present a modular bollard concept in the form of BEGA LED system bollards. The technical requirements to be met by luminaires are increasing all the time, especially in the planning of lighting systems of all shapes and sizes. BEGA LED system bollards are a modular system that enables the combination of luminaire heads and luminaire tubes with various additional functions.

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Bollard heads

For the lighting function of the LED system bollards, you can choose from ten LED system bollard heads with different light distributions and light emissions to meet the requirements of the lighting situation in question. The LED system bollard heads are also available with different shapes and dimensions.

The LED system bollard head can quickly and easily be connected to the separately chosen LED system bollard tube during installation.

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Bollard tubes

LED system bollard tubes offer the solutions for the frequently requested additional functions of bollards. They are available:

  • Without components in two heights
  • With LED floodlight
  • With motion and light sensor (optionally with LCN · ZigBee · DALI)
  • With control module LCN · ZigBee
  • With a single emergency lighting battery
  • As drive-through protection for cars and trucks
  • With 2 safety sockets
  • With installation inserts or without installation inserts
  • With charging module insert for electric cars (type 2)

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  Ø Connection box H
99 614   140 without components · low Connecting terminals 3 x 4 350
99 620   140 without components · high Connecting terminals 3 x 4 660
99 615   190 without components · low Connecting terminals 3 x 4 365
99 622   190 without components · high 70 632 815
99 619   265 without components · low Connecting terminals 3 x 4 375
99 624   265 without components · high 70 632 875
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Bollard tubes for BEGA LED system bollards in use