Connecting pillars for the electrical power supply in public and industrial areas

With and without installation inserts and with safety lock · IP 44

We can supply connecting pillars for the connection of electrically operated equipment and vehicles as well as the power supply in public and industrial areas.

Connecting pillars with installation inserts are factory-wired ready for connection.

Connecting pillars without installation inserts offer you the option of choosing the type and number of installation inserts for your particular requirements. These connecting pillars are then supplied empty together with the inserts ordered.

Lockable door

71 013  with
2 CEE sockets 16 A · 400 V
3 CEE sockets 16 A · 250 V
3 safety sockets type F 16 A · 250 V
1 RCD 40 A · 30 mA
2 automatic cutouts C 16 A 3-pole
6 automatic cutouts C 16 A 1-pole

71 014  with 2 fuse boxes, 8-part

Colour graphite

71 013 Connecting Pillar with installation inserts 265 1035
71 014 Connecting Pillar without installation inserts 265 1035
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range