Distribution box

For installation in soil

For the installation of two to six BEGA garden and pathway luminaires and for BEGA connecting pillars, we can supply a through-wiring distribution box for waterproof placement in soil. The distribution box enables a junction to be laid from the supply line to the luminaires. When the electrical connection has been made, the distribution box must be filled with the supplied gel and must then be sealed.

Protection class IP 68 · Safety class II

Housing made of synthetic material

70 730  7 cable entries · Connection terminal 5 x 4
71 053  10 cable entries · Connection terminal 6 x 16

Sealing compound: Cartridge with gel filling
After installation, the distribution box must be sealed.

70 730 Distribution box 7 cable entries 95 95 55
71 053 Distribution box 10 cable entries 150 115 55
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