FLED large-area ceiling luminaires

Direct and indirect light distribution

Ceiling luminaires specially designed for glare-free office lighting in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1. An optical system with a layered structure of micro-structured and light-directing layers that is precisely matched to our LED modules ensures glare-free light and maximum visual comfort. Large-area luminaires in a choice of two versions:

•  90% direct and 10% indirect light or

• 100% direct light

BEGA Thermal Management ®

Metal housing with matt aluminium finish and surrounding matt black trim
Optical system consisting of micro-structured and light-directing reflection levels for glare-free office light in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.

DALI controllable
Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

The power information may change during the validity period of the catalogue as a result of technical progress. You can find data sheets for all luminaires on our website. They contain all luminaire data and the current values for LED service life, luminous flux, maximum ambient temperature, and they provide information on BEGA Thermal Management ®.

LED large-area luminaires FLED

Extraordinary lighting solutions with outstanding quality: BEGA presents the FLED series of LED large-area luminaires for glare-free illumination of the workplace in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1. Available as pendant luminaires and ceiling luminaires. An efficient optical system, different options for light distribution and colour temperature, and distinct styling with a frame height of just eleven millimetres are the defining features of these luminaires.

Glare-free illumination

What makes a perfect workspace? Glare-free light and high visual comfort are a must. The technically brilliant BEGA LED large-area luminaires in the FLED series provide exactly that. The optical system consisting of micro-structured, light-deflecting layers tailored to the LED module makes for a real illuminating experience in the workplace.

Available as both pendant luminaires and ceiling luminaires with two different versions of each to underline the versatility of the FLED series. Luminaires with 100% direct light distribution direct every single beam of light on to the workspace. For those who require additional illumination on the ceiling or the area immediately above the luminaire, the ceiling luminaires are also available with 90 percent direct light and 10 percent indirect light. The pendant luminaires are also designed for these sorts of lighting requirements, with 70 percent direct light and 30 percent indirect light.

Low frame height

The fact that the design and the lighting technology of the pendant luminaires compliments that of the ceiling luminaires means that they can be combined to further increases the possible areas of use in modern office lighting. With a frame height of just eleven millimetres, a matt aluminium housing surface and an all-round matt black trim strip, the design of this BEGA luminaire series is unmistakeable.

Lighting technology

BEGA luminaires are available with different lighting parameters to provide efficient solutions for demanding lighting applications in a wide range of architectural situations.

LED technology

LED technology has redefined acquired standards and assessment criteria and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. The sum total of its advantages makes this technology a milestone in lighting technology.
We use the superiority of LED in the development of new luminaires, but also in the technical perfection of existing luminaire series. In doing so, we go well beyond the applications normally expected on the market. We do this responsibly, competently and with a sense of proportion – but above all reliably. After all, reliability and a high standard of product quality are among our elementary values and convictions.In the development of our luminaires, therefore, thermo-management represents a great challenge. Efficiency and service life are already convincing and still improving. Module output and shape are variable and can be perfectly adapted to each luminaire. In addition to using high-grade components, we have also made design-related changes which contribute to favourable temperature conditions inside the luminaires.

More information about our LED technology

LED colour temperature
90 % direct and 10 % indirect light 
LED Power supply unit A B C AC/DC
12 194.2 K3 60.0 W 5228 lm DALI controllable 1565 345 95
100 % direct light 
LED Power supply unit A B C AC/DC
12 292.2 K3 60.0 W 5962 lm DALI controllable 1565 345 95
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range