Impact-resistant LED ceiling and wall luminaires

We have been producing impact-resistant ceiling and wall luminaires for more than 30 years. They have received many international awards for their unmistakable design. The concept and design have stood the test of time. They were characteristic of a whole series of luminaires in our range of products, and became models for outdoor luminaires in general.We have developed these luminaires further and perfectly adapted their structure and design to our LED technology.

The thick crystal glass ensures that the impact-resistant luminaires in this group are both robust and elegant. The luminaires are secured in the housing without any visible screws and a barely visible locking screw secures the cast aluminium frame. A variety of sizes and light outputs makes these economical luminaires extremely versatile. Its range of possible applications is also extended by its high protection class.


Protection class  IP 65
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Crystal glass, inside white

33 523 · 24 394  DALI controllable

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

LED colour temperature
LED Power supply unit A B AC/DC
24 037 K3 1.6 W 110 lm on/off 105 55
33 534 K3 3.9 W 338 lm on/off 160 65
33 535 K3 5.8 W 609 lm on/off 215 70
33 523 K3 11.7 W 1057 lm DALI controllable 265 80
24 394 K3 27.2 W 2610 lm DALI controllable 350 95
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range