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Inrush current limiter

Für Hutschienenmontage

Inrush current limiter for DIN rail mounting. For the precise and repeatable limitation of inrush currents.

This allows considerably more LED power supply units to be operated on each automatic cutout. Existing systems can easily be retrofitted.


Module for mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail conforming to DIN 50022. Space required: 2 TE
Connection terminals 0.5–6
Peak current limit: 48 A (± 6%)
RMS current limit: 33.9 A (± 6%)
Max. capacitive load: 6000 µF
Nominal AC voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal AC current: 16 A
Limiting speeds: 3 cycles/minute
Automatic cutout: 13 A / 16 A
Internal safety: Temperature fuse against overload

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