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Installation housings for external wall insulation systems (EWIS)

Installation housing for the installation of luminaires in insulated façades. Suitable for insulation depths 120 to 200 mm. The modular design and combination of the individual insulation elements in 20 mm increments allow for flexible adaptation to the insulation system.

Comprehensive tests carried out by Passivhaus Institut Dr. Wolfgang Feist confirm that the design is free of thermal bridging. The regular thermal transfer coefficient of the wall is increased by an additional ΔU <0.01 W/(m² · K).

To plaster-finish the housing you need a plaster frame – for either surface-mounting installation or flush-mounting installation of the luminaire. Plaster frames are accessories and must be ordered separately.

  A B C
13 519   Installation housing for EWIS 167 72 200
13 520   Installation housing for EWIS 257 72 200
13 521   Installation housing for EWIS 317 72 200
13 522   Installation housing for EWIS 327 123 200
13 523   Installation housing for EWIS 417 123 200
13 524   Installation housing for EWIS 517 123 200
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