LED compact downlights for external On/Off or DALI power supply units

Symmetrical narrow beam, symmetrical wide beam, symmetrical very wide beam or asymmetrical wide beam light distribution

LED recessed ceiling downlights for external power supply units, optionally On/Off or DALI controllable. These luminaires are available with different LED outputs, half beam angles and dimensions. The luminaires and the external power supply units required for your lighting systems can be connected by means of a simple plug connector.

Protection class  IP 65
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass
Reflector surface made of pure aluminium
BEGA Vortex Optics ®

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules
Cable between luminaires for external on/off or DALI power supply units with plug connector

We supply the luminaires 24 800, 24 801, 24 804, 24 805, 24 475, 24 476, 24 812 and 24 813 with an external non-dimmable power supply unit.

The required installation depths can be found in the instructions for use for these luminaires.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Planning examples

On the basis of our empirical values and the suggestions of architects and planners, we have compiled room situations for which lighting design is frequently required. In the following, we shall present possible illumination solutions for these architectural situations. It goes without saying that all technical lighting standards are complied with. In some cases, the degree of illuminance proposed by us may even exceed the standard. For us, the aesthetics of light and a high level of visual comfort are important criteria for such decisions. At the same time, the form and the size of the luminaires must fit into the architectural surroundings. For example, we often recommend larger models if a structure has large dimensions – even if smaller luminaires with lower output would be enough. In such cases, the degree of illuminance can be reduced to a suitable level by means of a light control system.

Underground car park

Here too, the focus is on the safety of the road users. The transition into the underground car park must be illuminated in accordance with the time of day in order to prevent extreme changes between light and dark. This means that this area must be illuminated with 300 lx during the day and 75 lx at night. The illumination can be adjusted using twilight switches and the BEGA Control light...

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Commercial building entrance

The covered area in front of a commercial building is illuminated from a great height with efficient downlights. The focus is placed on the square pillars supporting the roof using very narrow beam in-ground floodlights on the front side. On the sides and at the rear, they benefit from the light of the downlights. A roof panel projecting over the entrance is fitted with recessed ceiling luminaires...

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Office building entrance

A company is represented by the entrance area to its company building. Here, glare-free light should be used to clearly illuminate the way to the entrance door and at the same time to ensure good face recognition in the door area. On-ground luminaires are used to illuminate the path to the building; their light reaches far into the surface of the path, but without glare. Unshielded wall luminaires...

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Shopping mall

The general illumination of the shopping mall is effected by downlights from a height of 12 m. The light is uniform and glare-free. The main area of the mall measures 28 x 65 m. The surrounding galleries are illuminated by recessed ceiling luminaires. Additional light falls into the room from the adjacent shop windows. Individually adjustable compact floodlights on the borders of the galleries...

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In a spa zone, the illumination makes a significant contribution towards the well-being of the guests. Alternating zones with dimmed light and zones accentuated with illumination are ideal for the relaxation of the guests. At the same time, the lighting system must be able to illuminate the rooms clearly for cleaning purposes. On account of the climatic conditions in such facilities, only luminaires...

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LED colour temperature
Symmetrical narrow beam light distribution 
Symmetrical wide beam light distribution 
Symmetrical very wide beam light distribution 
Asymmetrical light distribution 
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range

LED compact downlights for external On/Off or DALI power supply units in use

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