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LED compact floodlights with G½ connecting thread

Symmetrical very narrow beam, narrow beam or wide beam light distribution

BEGA compact floodlights in different designs. This economical, compact and efficient series boasts three housing sizes and a luminous flux of more than 7800 lumens. We have developed highly efficient reflectors with very narrow beam, narrow beam or wide beam light distribution for different applications.


Protection class IP 65
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium

DALI controllable

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

Also available in 2200 K as custom-made products.

On request, the luminaires are available in the light colours green, blue, amber and red.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Planning examples

On the basis of our empirical values and the suggestions of architects and planners, we have compiled room situations for which lighting design is frequently required. In the following, we shall present possible illumination solutions for these architectural situations. It goes without saying that all technical lighting standards are complied with. In some cases, the degree of illuminance proposed by us may even exceed the standard. For us, the aesthetics of light and a high level of visual comfort are important criteria for such decisions. At the same time, the form and the size of the luminaires must fit into the architectural surroundings. For example, we often recommend larger models if a structure has large dimensions – even if smaller luminaires with lower output would be enough. In such cases, the degree of illuminance can be reduced to a suitable level by means of a light control system.


Bridges are architectural landmarks which leave a lasting impression of a city. The illumination of bridges is thus of particular significance. Through the accentuation of its striking form, the structure also has an effect at night and, at the same time, can clearly be identified as a point of orientation. The floodlights used are fitted with shields and louvres to prevent undesired stray light...

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LED colour temperature
Compact floodlights · very narrow beam 
  LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
77 683 K3   11.0 W 742 lm DALI controllable 140 200 140
77 703 K3   15.0 W 1077 lm DALI controllable 160 215 165
77 651 K3   52.5 W 3225 lm DALI controllable 10° 230 295 230
77 793 K3   77.2 W 5577 lm DALI controllable 17° 230 295 230
Compact floodlights · narrow beam 
  LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
77 684 K3   15.5 W 1219 lm DALI controllable 33° 140 200 140
77 704 K3   24.0 W 1932 lm DALI controllable 29° 160 215 165
77 652 K3   52.5 W 4472 lm DALI controllable 25° 230 295 230
77 794 K3   77.2 W 7739 lm DALI controllable 21° 230 295 230
Compact floodlights · wide beam 
  LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
77 685 K3   15.5 W 1215 lm DALI controllable 46° 140 200 140
77 705 K3   24.0 W 1863 lm DALI controllable 43° 160 215 165
77 653 K3   52.5 W 4547 lm DALI controllable 51° 230 295 230
77 797 K3   77.2 W 7761 lm DALI controllable 50° 230 295 230
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