LED façade floodlights · Tunable white · RGB W

Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution

We have developed a linear LED façade floodlight in two lengths especially for the large-area illumination of facades or sections of facades.

BEGA façade floodlights can be installed side by side to form a continuous light strip. The electrical connection to the next luminaire is established using convenient and easy-to-use five-pole plug connectors. We offer connection cables in various lengths for bridging larger distances. Connection cable 71037 can also be used as a maintenance cable.

Façade floodlights can be mounted on cantilever plates, canopies or external window sills, or can be fixed to a façade with wall bracket 71036. The inclination angle of the floodlight is adjustable.


Protection class IP 65
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass, clear
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium

BEGA Ultimate Driver ®
DALI controllable

The luminaires are available with fixed or variable colour temperature (tunable white). Luminaires with variable colour temperature (tunable white) are delivered complete with an external DALI power supply unit. They can be controlled by DALI colour light control (DT 8, TW).
The RGB W luminaires can be controlled by DALI colour light control (DT 8, RGBWAF, xy). We recommend our own BEGA Control.

Please note:
A separate connection box is required for the electrical connection to the luminaires. If the luminaires are connected in series (max. 12 luminaires per connection), a connection box is only required for the first luminaire. For installation with wall outrigger arms please order connection box 71064. Connection boxes are accessories and must be ordered separately. The connection from one luminaire to another is made with the connection cables supplied with the luminaires.

The attack angle of the luminaires is adjustable in 2° steps from -8° to 8°.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Planning examples

On the basis of our empirical values and the suggestions of architects and planners, we have compiled room situations for which lighting design is frequently required. In the following, we shall present possible illumination solutions for these architectural situations. It goes without saying that all technical lighting standards are complied with. In some cases, the degree of illuminance proposed by us may even exceed the standard. For us, the aesthetics of light and a high level of visual comfort are important criteria for such decisions. At the same time, the form and the size of the luminaires must fit into the architectural surroundings. For example, we often recommend larger models if a structure has large dimensions – even if smaller luminaires with lower output would be enough. In such cases, the degree of illuminance can be reduced to a suitable level by means of a light control system.

Advertising space

The illumination of advertising spaces repeatedly presents new challenges. A change in motif from a very light to a dark motif, or vice versa, requires an adjustment of the degree of illuminance for the advertising to be effective. In this case, a control unit for the luminaires is strongly recommended in order to provide numerous options for illuminating advertising posters. In the following...

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Historical building

For the illumination of the building with floodlights, the aim is to illuminate all sides of the complex as uniformly as possible. An obvious solution is to position the high-performance floodlights symmetrically at the corners of the building. In most cases, one floodlight position is sufficient for two sides of the building. The floodlights are frequently fitted with louvres or shields to...

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Historical façade

Various different luminaires are used to illuminate historical façades. Beginning on the ground floor, arcades are illuminated with in-ground floodlights. Here it is important to make sure that the luminaires can stand up to being driven over by car tyres. Depending on the version of the luminaires, pressure loads of up to 5000 kg are possible. Between the floors, the house has ledges from where...

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LED colour temperature
Symmetrical light distribution 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
77 152 K3 15.5 W 1341 lm DALI controllable 12/85° 520 105 60
77 153 K3 28.0 W 2743 lm DALI controllable 14/89° 1000 105 60
77 154 K3 15.5 W 1251 lm DALI controllable 32/93° 520 105 60
77 155 K3 38.0 W 2347 lm DALI controllable 32/95° 1000 105 60
Symmetrical light distribution · Tunable White · 2700 K - 6500 K 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 375 16.0 W 1270 lm DALI DT8, TW 12/85° 520 105 60
84 376 30.0 W 2766 lm DALI DT8, TW 14/89° 1000 105 60
84 377 16.0 W 1175 lm DALI DT8, TW 32/93° 520 105 60
84 378 30.0 W 2246 lm DALI DT8, TW 32/95° 1000 105 60
Symmetrical light distribution · RGB W 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 199 17.0 W 610 lm DALI DT8 12/85° 520 105 60
84 200 30.0 W 1320 lm DALI DT8 14/89° 1000 105 60
84 179 17.0 W 550 lm DALI DT8 32/93° 520 105 60
84 180 30.0 W 1200 lm DALI DT8 32/95° 1000 105 60
Asymmetrical light distribution 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
77 156 K3 15.5 W 1083 lm DALI controllable 43/77° 520 105 60
77 157 K3 28.0 W 2108 lm DALI controllable 46/77° 1000 105 60
Asymmetrical light distribution · Tunable White · 2700 K - 6500 K 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 379 16.0 W 985 lm DALI DT8, TW 43/77° 520 105 60
84 380 30.0 W 1988 lm DALI DT8, TW 46/77° 1000 105 60
Asymmetrical light distribution · RGB W 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 177 17.0 W 480 lm DALI DT8 43/77° 520 105 60
84 178 30.0 W 1050 lm DALI DT8 46/77° 1000 105 60
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LED façade floodlights · Tunable white · RGB W in use

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