LED high-performance floodlights

Wide beam or flat beam light distribution

We have opened a new chapter in the history of our floodlights with these LED high-performance floodlights. With a flat design and a luminaire luminous flux of more than 40,000 lumen, this series sets new standards in terms of economy and efficiency.

These floodlights are characterised by the long service lifer of their LED and power supply unit as well as their wear-free optical system. We have developed highly efficient reflectors with wide beam or flat beam light distribution for different applications. In order to optimise efficiency, we only use materials that are subject to virtually no ageing for light deflection, such as glass, silicone or aluminium. BEGA does not use polymer lenses in view of their questionable ageing properties and thermal stability.

It is possible to insert additional internal louvres or to add a shield to the floodlight To restrict the amount of glare.An extensive range of perfect accessories is available for installing BEGA high-performance floodlights.


Protection class IP 67
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium

BEGA Ultimate Driver ®
DALI controllable

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

The RGB W luminaires can be controlled by DALI colour light control (DT 8, RGBWAF, xy). We recommend our own BEGA Control.

Mounting bracket with 1 central hole Ø 22 mm and 2 holes Ø 9 mm · Distance apart 80 mm

Output adjustable in four steps 100% · 70% · 50% · 30%

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Luminaire colour graphite


Throughout their history, BEGA’s floodlights have marked milestones of the lighting industry. Once again we are setting new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness, compact design and efficiency with our LED high-performance floodlights. The luminaires have a luminous flux of more than 41,000 lumen, making them suitable for even the highest demands. Further special features of the LED modules and power supply units include their extraordinarily high quality and long service life. The lighting quality and high output of the LED high-performance floodlights is further underscored by the floodlights’ slim design and distinctive overall appearance. Top-quality materials and the components’ unparalleled service life provide make the BEGA high-performance floodlights durable, low-maintenance and therefore extremely cost-effective construction details.

Optical system

The optical system of our LED high-performance floodlights sets new standards: The materials used for light deflection and efficiency optimisation are virtually wear-free. Instead of polymer lenses with questionable ageing properties and thermal stability, BEGA uses only glass, silicone and aluminium. Highly efficient reflectors allow for different light distribution for various application situations: wide beam or flat beam for rectangular LED high-performance floodlights – narrow beam and very narrow beam as well as wide and flat beam for round LED high-performance floodlights.

BEGA power supply units

Thanks to the exceptionally high quality of the BEGA power supply units, our LED high-performance floodlights’ achieve unrivalled performance characteristics: 

Power supply units with an impressively long service life
The extremely long maintenance intervals of the LED high-performance floodlights are extended further due to the durability of the BEGA power supply units. A service life of 100,000 operating hours is achieved at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. On our website you will find data sheets with information about each luminaire concerning the current values that are subject to constant – positive – development, owing to technical advancement. 

Extremely sturdy design
Maximum resistance is achieved through a large number of high-quality coil formers. 

Extremely low starting current
The floodlights require a starting current of less than five amperes. The frequently much higher peak starting currents that are common in the market do not apply for our floodlights. The luminaires’ nominal power can be used as a basis for calculation, allowing for a significantly larger number of luminaires to be connected to one automatic cutout. 13 LED high-performance floodlights (nominal power of 195 W) can, for example, be connected to one B16A circuit breaker. 

Reduced flickering
BEGA power supply units use CCR (Constant Current Reduction) for dimming, leading to a very low degree of flickering compared to the market average. 

Made in Germany
Our power supply units and the components that are relevant to the service life of the luminaires are developed and produced in Germany with very low quality tolerance. Patented technology is used for the dimming process and stand-by function. 

Very good thermal regulation
BEGA power supply units are able to detect unusual thermal impact that may occur within the LED high-performance floodlights due to increased temperatures. Thermal regulation is key: The thermal level is maintained more carefully than is the case with other available power supply units – in the case of unusual operating modes, continued operation with an insignificant loss of lighting power is enabled instead of a shutdown.

Lighting technology

BEGA luminaires are available with different lighting parameters to provide efficient solutions for demanding lighting applications in a wide range of architectural situations. Additional components allow flexible and constructive lighting planning with BEGA luminaires.

LED technology

LED technology has redefined acquired standards and assessment criteria and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. The sum total of its advantages makes this technology a milestone in lighting technology.
We use the superiority of LED in the development of new luminaires, but also in the technical perfection of existing luminaire series. In doing so, we go well beyond the applications normally expected on the market. We do this responsibly, competently and with a sense of proportion – but above all reliably. After all, reliability and a high standard of product quality are among our elementary values and convictions.In the development of our luminaires, therefore, thermo-management represents a great challenge. Efficiency and service life are already convincing and still improving. Module output and shape are variable and can be perfectly adapted to each luminaire. In addition to using high-grade components, we have also made design-related changes which contribute to favourable temperature conditions inside the luminaires.

More information about our LED technology

Accessories for the permanent operation of BEGA floodlights.

A comprehensive range of perfectly coordinated BEGA accessories is available for installing the LED high-performance floodlights. These include:

  • Mounting boxes for mounting a floodlight on pillars, on walls or under ceilings
  • Mounting boxes for foundations or anchorage units
  • Pole caps for mounting the floodlight on a luminaire pole
  • Pole caps for mounting of one or two cross beams
  • Cross beams
  • Mounting bases for holding a junction box to allow for installation on pillars, walls, foundations or anchorage units

Additional information on the accessories can be found in the table below.

Lighting accessories

Internal louvres or a shield can be added to reduce glare.

Additional information on the accessories can be found in the table below.

Planning examples

On the basis of our empirical values and the suggestions of architects and planners, we have compiled room situations for which lighting design is frequently required. In the following, we shall present possible illumination solutions for these architectural situations. It goes without saying that all technical lighting standards are complied with. In some cases, the degree of illuminance proposed by us may even exceed the standard. For us, the aesthetics of light and a high level of visual comfort are important criteria for such decisions. At the same time, the form and the size of the luminaires must fit into the architectural surroundings. For example, we often recommend larger models if a structure has large dimensions – even if smaller luminaires with lower output would be enough. In such cases, the degree of illuminance can be reduced to a suitable level by means of a light control system.

Historical building

For the illumination of the building with floodlights, the aim is to illuminate all sides of the complex as uniformly as possible. An obvious solution is to position the high-performance floodlights symmetrically at the corners of the building. In most cases, one floodlight position is sufficient for two sides of the building. The floodlights are frequently fitted with louvres or shields to...

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Riding arena

The degree of illuminance must be distributed uniformly on the floor of the entire arena to ensure that neither horses nor riders are irritated in their sport by alternating light and dark areas. The indoor riding arena has dimensions of 70 x 30 m and is illuminated with downlights from the ceiling of the arena. The height of the roof ranges from 6 to 12 m. 200 lx is reached at floor level...

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In a gymnasium used for sports lessons, club training and competitions, a degree of illuminance of 500 lx is required on the playing field. The playing field is lined with stands. To be able to see well, a degree of illuminance of 50 to 100 lx is required in these areas. At least 10 lx is required for emergency lighting. The entire illumination of the 2100 square metre large hall is effected...

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LED colour temperature
wide beam light distribution 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 500 K2 195.0 W 19660 lm DALI controllable 70/62° 525 500 90
84 501 K2 385.0 W 38135 lm DALI controllable 76/58° 620 670 90
flat beam light distribution 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 502 K2 195.0 W 18339 lm DALI controllable 26/72° 525 500 90
84 503 K2 385.0 W 37020 lm DALI controllable 27/76° 620 670 90
wide beam light distribution · RGB W 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 513 192.3 W 11594 lm DALI DT8 73/65° 525 500 90
84 514 382.0 W 22287 lm DALI DT8 78/63° 620 670 90
flat beam light distribution · RGB W 
LED Power supply unit β A B C AC/DC
84 531 192.3 W 11069 lm DALI DT8 26/73° 525 500 90
84 532 382.0 W 22589 lm DALI DT8 27/78° 620 670 90
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range