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LED indication luminaires

With externally illuminated sign

Indication luminaires are fitted with a sign. We can supply the luminaires with signs complete with individual lettering, symbols and logos.Indication luminaires allow fast and reliable orientation, and make it possible to find an address by day and by night.


Protection class  IP 65

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass

Height of the lettered sign, depending on lettering size and number of lines 150 to 350 mm. Lettering on one side or on two sides.

Door and connection box 70 632
With anchorage unit for installation in soil

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table might change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

LED colour temperature
99 069 K3   53.0 W 3657 lm 1755 1000 600 180 x 80