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LED light design element "Stool"

Symmetrical wide beam light distribution below the horizontal plane

Light design elements for structuring and dividing up surfaces and squares in private as well as in public areas. The distinction between paths and squares is often effected by using different materials, colours, paving dimensions and joint patterns. BEGA light design elements enable a new additional dimension for the demanding design of open areas. Brilliant and robust design elements made of aluminium for the glare-free illumination of ground surfaces from a low mounting height.

Impressive light design elements that also invite guests to rest and relax – by day and by night.

The light design elements distribute the light below the horizontal plane with symmetrical wide beam light distribution.


Protection class IP 65

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass, frosted

DALI controllable

With 2 mounting plates for bolting onto a foundation.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table might change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

LED colour temperature
  LED Power supply unit A B C D AC/DC
77 731 K3   7.4 W 554 lm DALI controllable 500 x 400 460 120 120