Brilliant lighting
through intelligent light control

Light is one of the most important factors that shapes human life and nature. Light has been a fascinating field of research for decades. Light is exciting.

Intelligent illumination provides a sense of comfort, atmosphere and safety – whether in private or in public locations.

Well-planned light control that is tailored to individual requirements enhances the feel-good factor and also performs important functions in a social setting: it improves safety through presence simulation and by responding to movement in the surroundings. It also meets requirements regarding energy efficiency, a topic which currently dominates conversation and will continue to do so in the future.


The logical consequence:
BEGA Control

BEGA Control is a decentralised network suitable for controlling the illumination of private houses and their grounds, as well as public parks, individual streets or whole blocks of streets and large facilities. Thanks to its high degree of compatibility, BEGA Control can connect practically all areas of building automation.

Streets and cycle paths
BEGA Control can be used for the intelligent illumination of e.g. cycle paths of practically unlimited length. If pedestrians or cyclists are using the path, it will be fully illuminated. If no one is on the path, the illumination will be dimmed to a selectable default value.

Gardens and buildings
The illumination of gardens and buildings can also be automated and controlled with BEGA Control. At the same time it is possible to integrate the outdoor and indoor lighting as well as the building’s other automation functions such as the air conditioning and heating systems.

Extensive grounds
BEGA Control is also suitable for controlling extensive grounds such as public parks, company sites or entire streets.

Advantages of BEGA Control

  • Can be used in multiple applications, e.g. for controlling a building’s lighting, air conditioning and security systems (LCN/ZigBee)
  • Enables the complete control of a building’s automation system both indoors and outdoors (LCN/ZigBee)
  • Very little effort required for installation and low installation costs
  • Sustainable reduction of operating costs
  • Suitable for small and large lighting systems

  • No central bus master required (LCN/ZigBee)
  • Future-proof system
  • Can be expanded easily and at any time
  • More than 30,000 modules can be integrated in one system (LCN)
  • Large range and very short response times
  • User-friendly programming via PC
  • Worldwide access via the Internet (LCN/ZigBee)