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Planning examples

As a decentralised network, BEGA Control enables efficient lighting control – whether for private houses or for industrial complexes, local recreational areas or large facilities such as hospitals and event locations. Here are a few planning examples:


Light control in a residential complex

Efficient light control in an exclusive residential complex including the outdoor areas: the control technology is used in a residential complex comprising two buildings.

The residential complex is situated on a quiet inner-city street, but is still close to the city centre. The layout of the two distinctive buildings is tailored to the section of land on which they are situated, which itself is defined by the surrounding streets.

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Light control in a private garden and in the house
LCN / DALI / ZigBee

The captivating effect of an illuminated garden at night transforms the outdoor area into a natural extension of the living space. The coordinated lighting design gives the garden structure and depth. In addition to a pleasant lighting atmosphere and a higher quality of experience, good light and balanced illumination also ensure greater safety.

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Light control in a local recreational area

The recreational factor of a local recreational area for residents from the immediate neighbourhood as well as for visiting guests from the wider region is determined by the strength of its structure as well as the balance of the services it offers. In this case, the main focus is on a lake with a marina. A park with a circular trail offers countless points of interest for specific recreation in nature.

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Light control in an industrial complex

Lighting control properly adapted to the various requirements of an industrial complex represents a special challenge. The grounds and the buildings must be subdivided into several sections:

  • Prestigious illumination of the administrative wing, including access routes
  • Illumination of the staff car park
  • Emergency lighting at the rear of the shipping department
  • Path illumination for access and exit roads
  • Property demarcation illumination

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Light control in an event location

Reliable illumination and light control for all areas of an event complex – these requirements are taken into account and satisfied in these plans for indoors as well as outdoors. In this example, the clever spatial structure of the event grounds is highlighted with lighting control.

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Light control in a hospital complex

The university hospital complex is characterised by the coordinated planning of architecture and green areas.

In this example, the location by a park is used to align the wings of the building with the patients’ rooms towards the green areas. The utility and diagnostics area of the hospital is located behind the wards in order to shield them from the road. The light control takes account of the safety aspect and at the same time creates a feel-good atmosphere that contributes to the speedy recovery of the patients.

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